Shady Group Within Conservative Party That Should Frighten Us All

On Friday a man named ‘John Kelly’ started a process we should all applaud. He asked the prime minister’s office to reveal how a secret group of hardline right wing Brexiteers are secretly conspiring within the Conservative Party through the use of tax payers money. This is their Brexit and aftermath they are planning not ours.

Dear Prime Minister’s Office,

I have not been able to find this info anywhere online and Suella Fernandes said on Channel 4 news that it should be available if necessary. please treat this as an FOI request.

i’d like to find the names of all members of the European Research Group within the Conservative party who are spending public money to fund their research on leaving the EU. it would also be great if you could provide the details of how much public money they are contributing to this group.

Yours faithfully, 
John Kelly

This followed a car crash interview on Channel 4 News by Tory MP and member of said group Suella Fernandes.

Also on Friday Open Democracy published a very hard hitting but scary article in which it was revealed that although the group have acknowledged direct questions as to their machinations no answers have been forthcoming. 

Revealed: The Tory MPs using taxpayers’ cash to fund a secretive hard-Brexit group

What those who support the Tory government have to answer is this. ‘Do you want to leave the country in the hands of these plotters and their abuses of power for the next generations?’ 

I support leaving the EU but I don’t support the Tories and their elitist, nihilistic and greedy practices. They are selling off this country and those who still repeat the tired old soundbite of getting their country back now just look like the fool on the hill surrounded by burnt books and not much else.

Douglas James