Sherborne and villages to get trial bus service

Local transport operator NORDCAT will be providing a trial Monday bus service to fill the gap left when the public service 57 was deregistered. This has been made possible by a Dorset County Council Community Transport Grant.

The bookable, accessible, bus service is for residents in Sherborne town (eg. West End). Passengers can also be picked up from the outlying villages.

Residents of West End set up their own transport committee to work with bus operators and local councils to find provide this service for the area.

This trial service will provide one return trip into Sherborne town centre that can drop-off at surgeries, supermarkets and various locations on the route. If there are enough passengers an additional trip could be provided. This service is available to those who don’t have access to, or are unable to use, other forms of transport.

The initial 12-week trial is on Mondays from 1 October to 17 December. If the trial is successful and self-sustainable, NORDCAT can continue to provide the Monday service next year.

Cllr Daryl Turner, Dorset County Council Cabinet member for the natural and built environment, said:

“This service can help reduce social isolation and allows people without cars to access the shops and medical appointments. Liaison is taking place locally with Patient Participation Groups to coincide passengers’ medical appointments and clinics with the timings of the trips.”

NORDCAT already offers a service to Yeovil for residents in Sherborne and surrounding areas on Tuesdays, Friday and Saturdays. And link into town on a Thursday.

Passengers need to register with NORDCAT and that their journey needs to be pre-booked.  NORDCAT’s telephone number is 01258 472164 or 473154.

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