Let’s talk Smart Meters. The campaign has started in earnest, both the Energy Companies and the Government want us to have these nasty little devices, all of us, in our homes, factories and offices.

All the hype and propaganda is being rolled out about the benefits to all of us, the consumers. How to keep a close watch on your energy useage, lower bills, new technology, see just where you are wasting leccy, gas and water. All benefits, no down sides.

Through the post, by email, in the press, it’s a saturation campaign.

The reality, however is very, very different, it’s what they DON’T want you to know.

These devices are dangerous, very dangerous to your health and any living being within 50-70 meters. The huge amount of electromagnetic waves and radiation given off 24/7 is immense. The electromagnetic  levels are almost off the scale. It’s like having a mobile phone mast in your living room. It’s little use if you say NO and your neighbour has one, 70 meters will easily reach you!  Walls are no deterrent.

There are now proven, direct links of Smart Meters to early dementia, alzheimers, cancers of all forms, apathy, tiredness, loss of memory, the list goes on. Your brain is a computer and all wifi interferes with the wiring in our brains, with a highly detrimental effect.

So why is there such a massive pro Smart Meter campaign? Simple…… CONTROL.

Most new white goods these days have a chip implanted in the system, presently passive but activated by an installed Smart Meter. Information is fed to and fro between the meter and your kettle, fridge, freezer, washing machine etc, a two way street, TWENTY FOUR HOURS A DAY!

So, all this info can be and will be read in real time to the Energy Companies, the meter will transmit  it to them, it’s a wireless transmitter/receiver remember.

They will be able to switch you off completely, remotely, if you don’t pay exactly on their demand or on their terms, they can and will sell all your useage data to third parties for a profit. There will be NO cost saving to you, only your health and those of your family and neighbours will suffer.

We must all band together, street by street and say NO. There is NO legal obligation to allow Smart Meter  installation, although they may try and tell you there is. It’s a lie!

If you are mad enough to allow them to instal, you will never, legally, be able to get it removed. You can watch yourselves slowly degrade day by day.

However, don’t take my word for it, after all I might be just a conspiracy theorist

Go to www.stopsmartmeters.org.uk and get all the facts.

Knowledge is power, ignorance is dangerous.

James Pulleine

The government’s response via www.gov.uk is:

‘.. The evidence to date suggests exposures to the radio waves produced by smart meters do not pose a risk to health.

Assessments made in other countries that use smart meters have found exposures that are low in relation to internationally agreed guidelines.

Public Health England (PHE) will be carrying out research to assess exposures from the devices as the technology is rolled out…’.

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