…So. Free school meals

“Amber Rudd voted yesterday to impose an earnings threshold on future Universal Credit claimants’ right to free school meals for their children in year 3 and above. If you claim Universal Credit after 1st April and earn more than £7,400 a year you won’t get free school meals for any child in year 3 and above. That means 1,000,000 children of future Universal Credit claimants will lose out (over 7,000 in East Sussex).

However, to get this passed through Parliament the Tories needed the support of the DUP who thought the earnings threshold was unfair. So what did the Tories do? They set the threshold at £14,000 for Northern Ireland. The DUP were happy then to vote for the £7,400 threshold to apply in England as long as the threshold in Northern Ireland was £14,000. Think that’s wrong? I think it’s disgraceful.

The Labour manifesto at the last election was to make sure all school children got a hot meal at school. The Tories and the misogynist, terrorist backed, creationist Neanderthals in the DUP have just voted so that 1,000,000 children of some of the poorest families in England won’t get free school meals. I know which side they are on. I also know which side Amber Rudd is on..”

Rusle Brusle