The Heart of Darkness

The now common first line of defence of Authoritarian Figures [whatever their faith or creed] online when they are called out for promulgating Fascist Ideas and ideals, is to use the utterly fallacious Godwin’s Law.

This spurious and totally unscientific bit of nonsense poses that ‘Any person making a comparison between X Person, Idea or Ideology to that of the Nazis, has automatically lost the argument’.

It is utter bullshit and long ago I countered this bit of idiotic thinking with an even simpler Law which states – 

“If you don’t want to be compared to a Nazi, don’t act like a Nazi” – Kanjin Tor

After all; one liners are as equally great for revealing a deeper truth as they are from hiding it, and which by the by brings me in a roundabout way, and very nicely, to the Demagoguery of The Conservative mindset and the twisted hate speech and lies of David Cameron.

If you are between the 16 and 30 years of age, you as an individual bear the greatest responsibility of any generation that has yet lived, for upon your shoulders rests the ‘Fate of the World’.

And in tackling this great burden you must begin from an unfortunate starting point for you have not yet personally encountered the true heart of Fascism before this moment. Until now the word Fascism has been something from the deep darkness of mankind’s past. A monstrous demon that those who came before you unleashed upon the world and rent the Earth with its hate.

The word ‘Fascism’ has been used like a curtain, behind which none dare look. Thus it has been largely ignored for 50 years, because those in power have owned the means to manipulate your ability to see and your ears to hear and your mind to think.

Fascism always starts off this way. It seeks out ways to inveigle itself into your consciousness, twisting the very fabric of our reality as it spins its lies with the ‘Rhetoric of Hate’.

Oh you think you know, but you don’t; not  really.

You who are young have never yet seen what Dystopia is, and whilst it is true that it does exist in the world, it has remained far away, distant, effecting your lives not at all.

At least so you think.

Across the world, men of influence and power have been constantly manipulating your minds, tricking you into believing that only their hate and bigotry, with a heavy dose of mass slaughter thrown in for good measure, will save our Western World.

From Rupert Murdoch to Toby Young, from David Cameron to Donald Trump, from Tommy Robinson to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan the message is the same.

‘I am the Light, I am the way. All ye who oppose my divinity must be extinguished’.

All Totalitarian States have secret courts.

All Totalitarian States have a secret police.

All Totalitarian States silence dissent.

All Totalitarian States pass laws to make opposition to their Laws Illegal.

All Totalitarian States kidnap.

All Totalitarian States torture.

All Totalitarian States imprison without trial.

All Totalitarian States murder. [the scale of the murder is utterly irrelevant]

All Totalitarian States have a privileged class who remain untouched by the Laws that they impose on others.

All Totalitarian States accrue wealth from the masses and distribute it to a select elite.

All Totalitarian States use doublespeak. For example War is Peace. Pacifists are Terrorist Sympathisers.

All Totalitarian States utilise Nationalism in their communiqués.

All Totalitarian States attack other Nations under false pretexts. [As in Iraq]

All Totalitarian States attack their own Citizens.

All Totalitarian States attack education.

All Totalitarian States …. and the list goes on and on and on.

For any of you youngsters to imagine that David Cameron is in any way different to Adolf Hitler is inexcusable stupidity. To imagine that his ultimate dream is any different from Der Führer is rank Cowardice.

Rupert Murdoch or Toby Young are the modern day Lord Haw Haw and his master Paul Joseph Goebbels. The BBC and the rest of the News Media is run almost exactly along the lines of the Reich Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda. The only difference between 1930’s Germany under the Nazi’s and Great Britain under the Nazi’s is, that our Nazi’s are more polished. They have learned from their failures in Germany, but mark my words ‘All Totalitarian States end up with Mass Surveillance and Mass Graves”.

And I’m not joking, that is the way it always goes with such people, for example.

Great Britain is a country where a sitting MP can manufacture death threats from a constituent, Tweet about it, and then when she is found to be lying and refuses to apologies, does not go to jail, but instead keeps her seat as an MP and her £74,000 a year job and its golden pension.

Great Britain is a country where a Prime-Minister can brand those who do not want to drop bombs on people without a plan or a factual reason to do so, ‘Terrorist Sympathisers.

Great Britain is a country where a we have ‘Secret Policemen’.

Great Britain is a country where a have ‘Secret Courts’ where YOU are not even allowed to know the charges being levelled against you or see the evidence or even have legal representation.

Great Britain is a country where you can be kidnapped and imprisoned without trial or due process.

Great Britain is a country which routinely aids and abets and practices ‘Torture’.

Great Britain is a country where individual Disabled Citizens live in abject terror of being targeted for sanctions and attack by their own Government.

Great Britain is a country where they are passing laws to allow ‘Mass Surveillance’.

Great Britain is a country where the Totalitarian Government wants to pass Laws which silence all political dissent.

Great Britain is a country where its politicians routinely and a day by day basis tell the people of this Nation Lie after Lie after Lie and cloak their lies in Nationalism.

Great Britain is a country which has privileged class, who remain utterly untouched by the Laws that they impose upon the rest of society.

Great Britain is a country which now routinely – bombs, attacks, and invades other Nations  under false pretext.

Great Britain is a country which has succumbed to the rule of Fascists.

And if you youngsters ever want to be a free and democratic society the first people you/we should punish for their nefarious and perfidious crimes are ‘The Bankers, The Politicians, and the Super Rich Media Moguls.

Or is that too much Godwin’s Law for you to stomach?

Kanjin Tor