I asked AI why so many people hate Laurence Fox. Here is what it responded with:

  1. Political Views: Fox has been outspoken about his conservative and right-wing views on topics such as race, identity politics, and political correctness. His criticisms of the Black Lives Matter movement and his denial of systemic racism have drawn significant backlash from those who believe these issues are important and need to be addressed.
  2. Insensitive Comments: Fox has been criticised for making comments that some consider insensitive or offensive. For example, he has dismissed concerns about racism and accused others of being overly sensitive, which can be seen as dismissive of genuine concerns.
  3. Media Attention: Fox’s controversial statements often attract media attention, which can contribute to the polarisation of public opinion. Some people may dislike him simply because they disagree with his views or find his comments offensive.
  4. Lack of Empathy: Critics argue that Fox’s comments and stances show a lack of empathy for marginalised groups and their struggles, which can lead to negative perceptions of him.
  5. Clashes on Social Media: Fox has engaged in heated debates and arguments on social media platforms, sometimes responding aggressively to criticism. This behaviour can contribute to a negative perception of him.
  6. Polarizing Figure: Fox’s divisive views and willingness to express them openly have made him a polarizing figure, leading to strong opinions against him.

It is thus no surprise that this question is the one Billy Piper has to respond to the most:

Goodness knows what led Fox to become one of the country’s leading conspiracy theorists, with no plausible empirical backing for his opinions, but many people believe his ignorant, dangerous rants, and he has become symbolic of the current state of the country.

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