The Quiet Space invites you to Christmas dinner on Christmas Day

Are you alone this Christmas? I’ve done it a few times – the world and his wife are all supposedly having great times, and you feel like you’re the only person alive who is on their own. It can be profoundly, deeply distressing. 

Marketing on TV tells you to be a good consumer and enjoy spending money on friends – you can’t get away from this idea you should be hanging out with friends and family. I’ve been alone in some pretty intense situations and can assure you Christmas is the worst day of the year for those who are completely alone. 

So, here in Poundbury we’re making you an offer: have Christmas dinner at the Quiet Space with other like minded people on their own this year. It will cost you nothing – just the price of a phone call to my father Roger Shrubb, the Quiet Space Treasurer. Call him on 01305 753 478. If you want lunch then please phone him by 9pm Saturday, 23rd December. 

Dinner is at 12 midday that day but if you have other plans for lunch, come round after 1 o’clock to meet others and have some afternoon refreshments. You don’t need to call in advance just to hang out.

For those who want to find the Quiet Space its website is here 

Everyone is welcome – see you then!