The Sun Comes Clean

After decades of begging Rupert Murdoch has come clean (see Inset). The man from Australia with US citizenship with billions in the bank and Mick Jagger’s ex draping from his tentacle has finally confirmed much of what those whose senses are in good working order have known for what feels like forever. I dont want to use ad hominem. Quite frankly there are not enough years in a century that would do it justice.


The Sun has joined a list of blues and confused.

The Mail, Express, Times and Telegraph are explicity nasty (sorry Tory). The Star is apparently ‘neutral’. The Mirror is explicitly Labour. The Independent is owned by a Russian billionaire and the Guardian is a Lib Dem blue Labour coalition.

My advice (for what its worth) is don’t buy any of them. There are plenty of crossword puzzle books or butcher shops that sell offal we don’t have to indulge the super rich distraction propagandists.

The Sun is Scum. The Mail is Fail. The Express is a pile of shit. The Times and the Telegraph are for snobs to walk around under their arm. The Star is a firelighter. The Mirror is an alternative if you are desperate. The Independent shares an office block with the Fail and the Guardian wants Tony Blair back.

Independent media it is then.

Douglas James