The Warmongers, and a Man Called Jeremy

The Iraq War was not a Mistake, it was a Conspiracy.

From the highest offices in the land down to the intelligence services, from political advisors to cross party co-operation, the Iraq War was a Plot, pre-planned and prepared by a small cabal of conspirators who connived together, despite all warnings from renowned scientists and the disapprobation of the British People, to attack a far off land for utterly false reasons.

In short; Tony Blair, his Ministers, his Political Advisors, his Intelligence Agents, and some in the Military LIED to give them the excuse they needed, to attack a country which at no time, ever once, was in any way, a threat to the Security of this Nation and the British People.

Under international law, a ‘War of Aggression’ is considered to be one of the most serious crimes of all to the international community.

A War of Aggression, or as it is more archaically and more accurately known – ‘A War of Conquest’,  – is one in which, without the justifiable excuse of self-defence, a Military Conflict is launched against another country or people for the purpose of territorial or pecuniary gain and, the subjugation of the people in the Conquered Territories.

Because of Tony Blair and George Bush’s War of Conquest in Iraq, hundreds of thousands of people, most of them civilians, who should be alive today, are now dead.

For over a decade, every survey or scientific journal that has tried to produce an accurate tally of the body count for that war has been vilified in the press and by Establishment figures whenever they have published their findings that do not match the ‘OFFICIAL VERSION’ of estimates.

The Official Number of deaths stated by the known liars who supported this War of Conquest is approximately 110,000 war deaths.

The various officials around the world keep pushing this wholly spurious number because they think that we, ‘the public’, will find this number acceptable, a price worth paying for the removal of a tyrant but it is an utterly false narrative.

The Watson Institute, International & Public Affairs; at the Brown University has stated [q] “The actual number of civilians killed by direct and indirect war violence is unknown but likely to be in the hundreds of thousands.”[uq]

The Lancet study is much more damning, publishing a figure of 654,965 through to the end of June 2006.  

Even the BBC News, (though a now widely distrusted news source), stated on the 16th of October, 2013 that 

[q] “About half a million people died in Iraq as a result of war-related causes between the US-led invasion in 2003 and mid-2011, an academic study suggests.

University researchers from the US, Canada and Iraq based their estimate on randomised surveys of 2,000 households.

The toll includes not only violent deaths from the invasion and subsequent insurgency, but avoidable fatalities linked to infrastructure collapse.

It exceeds the 112,000 violent civilian deaths reported by Iraq Body Count.

The British-based organisation bases its tally on media reports, hospital and mortuary records, and information from official and non-governmental sources.” [uq]

Indeed, The National Geographic has come out and stated that over 500,000 Iraqis have died because of the war, and it is the same story across the board, from every source, reputable or otherwise.

Every new estimate increases the body count tally for the Iraq War incrementally. First it was 16,000 deaths. Then it was 67 thousand deaths, then it was 110,000 deaths, then 500,000 deaths and so on and so forth in a slow orchestrated release of what I can only call ‘Desperate Number Crunching.’

In all probability the actual death tally is in excess of 1.5 million Iraqis.  150,000 to 500,000 of which are children.

Based on a lie.

Today as I speak to you here, children in and around Fallujah are being born horribly malformed because of the hundreds of thousands of depleted uranium rounds which the American/British led forces unleashed in the area, and which have contaminated the soil and water that people need to consume.

Children with no skulls.

Children with two heads.

Children with four arms.

Children with no skin.

Children with cancers so unutterably awful, they would make a hardened soldier puke in horror


And all of this was done to them by a small coterie of criminal elitists, so arrogant that they felt it perfectly safe to ignore the wishes of scientists, experts, commentators, news reports, and millions of good, ordinary British People, 3 Million of whom marched in opposition of their rapacious desire for war.

And all of this was done to the Iraqi People by a small coterie of criminal elitist so filled with their own turgid, self-important sense of destiny, that they felt it was right and proper to manufacture false evidence to bamboozle the British Public [and ergo the world] into thinking that the War  against Iraq was an act of self-defence.

But it was no such thing.  Instead it was a ‘War of Conquest.’

It was an ‘International Crime of the greatest magnitude.’

It has stained the honour and reputation of this country, possibly forever.

It left anything up to 1.5 million people, most of them innocent of any crime, dead in the dust.

But most of all, it was and remains one of history’s most earth-shattering Political, Military, and Corporate Conspiracies, and every single person in the British Parliament who voted for that war has lost every ounce of legitimacy and should be cast out of politics forever.

On a final note.

Some of the newer Labour MP’s are young, perhaps easily swayed by the likes of Mandelson, Blair, Campbell, and Benn.  Clearly the PLP chose them to suit their purposes and perhaps they mistakenly believe that they owe an allegiance to the grandees? But they don’t!

All of them, all those men and women in the Parliamentary Labour Party, who have for these last 10 months desired the overthrow, of one of the only democratically elected political leaders who has consistently stood up and challenged Tony Blair’s criminality, should now be looking at the validity of their recent actions and, be taking an even closer at the morality and purpose of all those people in the PLP [and beyond] who have been so ill-advising them and, consider the enormity of what it means to us, ‘The Public’ to witness them ‘willingly and knowingly’ choosing to side with War Criminals against a much maligned and principled man.

The Iraq War was not a Mistake, it was a Conspiracy.

The Iraq War was an International Crime.  

It was and remains a ‘Crime against Humanity,’ and those who aided and abetted in this crime must now be brought, by whatever means available, to the face the Justice they so greatly deserve.

Otherwise, what was the point of spending millions of Tax Payers money in investigating it?

Kanjin Tor