This Charming Man o Have Weymouth Should Of Asked His Parents For a Cuddle

Time and time again the lovelies are gatecrashed by a Mr or Ms Charming. The one who should understand irony and keep his/her thoughts to themselves or a Nazi rally.

Today it’s a certain person under the avatar Ben Cfc Pamphfflon.

For your pleasure here are just some of his views about local homeless people in Weymouth following a post by a local resident:

Admins – again I hope that this is ok to post and if it isn’t then please remove. I’ve just heard about another rough sleeper passing away on the streets from hypothermia and it hugely saddens me. Whatever your views the fact is that no-one should be in this situation, in this country, especially in this day and age. But they are and its a huge indictment on us as a society that people are literally dying from the cold. If you are going to do one decent thing this year that really will make a difference then please let it be an essential item donation to any organisation that supports our rough sleeping community…

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Ben 3

Decided against sharing his pic as he might find some compassion and knowledge which will make his life (and those around him) much more worth while.

Katy T