This is the response to a suspected ‘terror’ incident by the leader of UKIP

Whatever one may think of the leaders of the main political parties their initial responses at this time (although driven by PR) are to think of those who may be hurt or worse. No matter the level of sincerity, they reach out.

Then there is Gerard Batten the leader of UKIP. From him we get

Sarcasm! Opportunism! Lack of empathy! All the characteristics of the very extremism that is rotting this country and many others from the inside out.

This man was picked by his brethren to represent a party seeking to get its independence. This sort of bile is surely not what many mean is it? This is verging on sociopathy and a complete lack of understanding of what makes up humanity. Not the fear and loathing that we are conditioned to be.  I don’t want to be like him. I don’t want to be associated with people like him. The callous indifference.

I am of what is colloquially called ‘the left’. I stand for justice. For equality where it is possible. For respect. For cooperation. My enemies are a system built to serve a minority.

This man as I see it is of the right. His enemies are the working classes. The poor. Non white people. Non British people. Women. Homosexuals. The Other. The fault always lies with somebody else and not something else.

My anger is aimed too often at those people who hold the system I despise together for without them there is no system. But they too are victims of the womb they exited and the system that awaited them.

My simple message to Mr Batten and all those who disparage others is this.

Without you we are everything.

Douglas James