Universal Credit: For those who want to claim “I was only following orders” I suggest you Google “Nuremberg Trials”

Sent to: correspondence@dwp.gsi.gov.uk, Maria Miller MP, leader@labour.org.uk, ministers@dwp.gsi.gov.uk
Subject: UC Claimant Requirements and Advertising

Good morning.

Like everyone else who’s eventually going to be subjected to being an unwilling guinea-pig for the train-wreck that is Universal Credit, I’ve been following the news reports that have been appearing lately.


I see from the above link that people are now expected to buy smart-phones and photo ID out of the pittance that we receive, if necessary taking a repayable loan from the DWP in order to do so, which will then leave us short of the minimum amount that the law says is required for us to live on for the following six months. Amber Rudd, as usual, either hasn’t got a clue about what’s going on in her Department, saying that the cost can be reimbursed, which directly contradicts what is stated on the website, or she’s simply full of sh*t and lying through her back teeth like she did over the Windrush thing before she had to resign in disgrace. I’d be interested to know which it is.

So, should the major supermarkets also be charging customers an upfront amount for advertising the products that they want us to buy in order to make their profits? “Sorry, Sir, you can’t buy that tin of beans because you haven’t a receipt for the 3p pre-purchase advertising fee that’s required before you can take one off the shelf…”

Stupid, isn’t it? Tell you what: If you want me to obtain a photo ID so you can run your dog’s breakfast of a new system in the most efficient manner, YOU PAY FOR IT.

Perhaps Rudd should be considering the appalling effect that this unfit for purpose new system has had, and is still having, on claimants within her own constituency where she only just snuck back in at the 2017 GE with a 242 margin. She should perhaps further consider what doing what is morally right and shutting down this poorly planned and shoddily executed system might achieve for her chances of still having a job as an MP, never mind a minister, after the numbers are tallied the next time we’re called to the polling stations.

Talking of advertising…

Apparently, the more people who are switched to UC from the so-called legacy benefits, the more the DWP has to spend on advertising how wonderful UC is. Because it actually isn’t. What is this gaslighting advertising supposed to achieve? Will people suddenly become convinced that the eviction notice that they received that morning from their landlord, the food bank vouchers that they had to beg for, and their children’s cries of hunger are just figments of their imaginations? This isn’t the 1920s – these days we have communication and eddicashun and we know when we’re being lied to. Theresa May gives us ongoing practice in recognising the signs every time she opens her mouth, for example. Listening to her going on and on about Brexit in Parliament has my BS-ometer trying to turn a complete 360 degrees. The woman is both deranged and deluded.

Stop the madness and calculated cruelty. Labour has pledged to reinstate Legal Aid when they are elected, and the first thing I and others are going to press for and help to arrange will be a class legal action to catch up anyone who has had a hand in this disgusting mistreatment and killing of innocent, vulnerable people, with the intention of taking those arrested all the way to Den Haag to answer for the crimes against humanity that have been perpetrated under this and the previous two governments. 120,000 dead as a direct result of so-called “welfare reform” so far, and b*ll*cks to the recycled garbage about “no single cause” that unnamed DWP spokescreatures parrot at the behest of the ministers in charge. People have died and this government and its two predecessors have caused their untimely deaths. There is Coroners’ evidence to support this assertion in several cases and copies of these reports have been acquired and are held safely off-line by concerned parties. We’re helpful like that, because we know how this government and the Whitehall Establishment can’t seem to help “losing” files relating to crimes committed by their own members.

No government or its agencies have any mandate to kill its own nation’s citizens in peace-time. This is not Romania under Ceaucescu. I told your clerk when she called me following my last email that a day of reckoning is fast approaching. Believe it. I don’t care if you’re a government minister or a lowly JC+ clerk who has removed someone’s entire necessary income without a fair trial, via the WCA, DLA-PIP assessment revolving door, or sanctions. We WILL be coming after you via the courts, and <insert deity of your choice> help you when we catch you up. Not “if”. WHEN.

For those who want to claim “I was only following orders” I suggest you Google “Nuremberg Trials” and then talk to your shop stewards/union conveners about the legal ramifications of aiding and abetting State-sponsored manslaughter.


Darren Lynch