We can still save Poole hospital from closures

Dear all
We have been trying to raise concerns about the planning applications for the changes to Bournemouth and Poole hospital buildings.
These changes will see Poole become a planned hospital with loss of A&E, Maternity and Paediatrics, with emergency patients from Poole and the West having to get to Bournemouth Hospital.
At the same time, planned operations patients, and outpatients from Bournemouth and the East, will have to get to Poole. We calculate this will mean at least 250,000 extra journeys across the often gridlocked conurbation.We have been advised that risk to life is ‘not a material planning objection’, however the huge increase in journeys is material to planning, as are the associated carbon emissions, and the loss of the promised spur road.
We need to get to 2,000+ signatures over the next couple of weeks if we are to challenge the Trust’s ‘petition’, that people were asked to sign to support an alleged ‘funding bid’. Many people signing had no idea that they were in fact supporting the end of A&E, Maternity and Paediatrics at Poole.Despite 558 resident objections, the Poole Hospital plan was passed by Officers last month. However the Bournemouth Hospital plan will go before Planning Committee, we expect on 31 October (what timing).
The Meeting on 31st October is at 1pm. We hope to have a demonstration from 12.15pm outside, and then go into the meeting, where we will make formal objections, which we will only have 5 minutes in total to do.
Unfortunately, we will not know if the Bournemouth Hospital plan is coming before the 31st October Planning Committee, nor the venue for this meeting, until this is confirmed on 23rd October.
Your support with the petition and at the demonstration much appreciated!
Debby Monkhouse