We Must Focus on Current Events Tom Not Your Agendas


So, against advice from himself?!, against the pleading of members, against the wishes of the leadership, Tom Watson seems absolutely determined to divide and split the Labour Party. We want to unite. He, very clearly, wants to divide us. Kill the party. The very thing Watson seems scared of is what is already in place within Labour’s internal structures; only it’s not the Momentum people in charge, it’s the Progress people. Progress repeatedly post articles openly looking to divide and conquer the party. The way many were treated in the two purges related to the leadership elections is disgraceful. What Watson (and others like McTernan, Blair, Mandelson et al) fear is DEMOCRACY. They fear democracy, as has been proven TWICE now in leadership campaigns.

SURELY there is WAY too much important stuff to focus on at the moment, rather than a selfish, hypocritical, self-indulgent vanity project? Can these people not focus on what they were elected to do?! The general population badly needs a Labour government now. It does not need agenda-driven, concocted internal battles from ONE side of the party. Yet it will be the Momentum lot blamed. Again. Enough is enough Tom (and others). PLEASE stop this ridiculous self-sabotaging. The policies supported by Momentum are majority-popular with the general public, they are ABSOLUTELY NOT “hard left”?!:

https://labourlist.org/2016/10/corbyn-policies-get-thumbs-up-from-public-but-people-still-trust-the-tories-more/ and here: 

People in Progress, like Luke Akehurst, say these POLICIES are the problem?! This proves they have absolutely no intention of supporting democracy OR what the general public want. They just want to return to a type of politics that lost the last two general elections and last two Labour leadership elections. A type of politics (MAYBE Canada & Japan aside) is not popular ANYWHERE in the world now!!!

Watson has stated there must not be another leadership contest; so, instead, he’s throwing all the PR/Progress/Spin weapons at destroying the membership and support base. I.e. Literally looking to become a dictatorship and ignore democracy. Well Tom, I want to UNITE Labour, not divide. Not use my media mates in, for example, The Guardian, to create a completely false and massively hypocritical narrative.

To be absolutely clear here: I, WE, want to unite Labour and move forward TOGETHER. How dare you try and paint the picture as anything other than what YOU are doing NOW!!! How dare you deny democracy. How dare you look to bring down the Labour party. I hope the existing internal mechanisms take care of you re disciplinary issues here. Remember Tom, WE want to UNITE and fight the Tories. You are trying to break the unions, too. You clearly have as your priority the desire to destroy Labour. The arrogance and hypocrisy of those on his side is astonishing; they have the gall to say Corbyn supporters are only interested in the man and not the party; then do this. Shame on you. Well done to Christine Shawcroft for calling you out on this, Watson. WE are Labour, YOU are just one very small part of it. Not the other way around!



Adam Samuels