While millions rot in austerity and debt Theresa shops in… Hermes

Here’s Theresa May doing a spot of Christmas shopping in Hermès, maybe a handbag perhaps Theresa? Average price around £5000-8000, but you can really go the whole hog and plum for the ‘Halzan 31 Verso’ which sells at a snip for £25,000.

Must be amazing to be able to spend anything from a third to a full years wages (for the majority of us), on a lovely tiny bag. I think that’s a fine example set to us by our Prime Minister. And I am in awe of her peerless patriotism, truly flying the British flag and shopping at Hermès, that most prestigious of British Fashion House……..oh hold on a minute.

Anyway, just a quick newsflash, I’m going to pop into town myself and hope to pick up a few last minute bargains. I’m hoping I don’t see that homeless ex-veteran guy next to Pret that I’ve seen a couple of times recently, and that he’s had some sunshine break through the clouds.

I hope and pray that he isn’t dead, as he’s roughly the same age as the 43 year old homeless working man who died from the cold sleeping rough on the street right outside Theresa May’s throne room the other day….I believe they call her throne room ‘the House of Commons’. It’s where she rules from you see.

But I’ll definitely buy him a hot coffee and have a chat if I do. I’ll offer him at the very least human empathy, kindness and warmth. I’ll try to see him smile, and make him forget, even if for only a moment, his dreadful, agonising reality.

And I’ll remember just who put him there too.

Whilst outside somewhere:


Eddy Abs