Who is the real terrorist?

I am not a religious person. Although I believe that there are some excellent ideas and values that can be learnt from religious texts there is also too much belief in a proxy in which our behaviour is determined by what we have been conditioned to adopt not what we have learnt for ourselves. Love (whatever it means to different people) is a concept in which we should mean no harm; where we should have a firm attachment and one in which we should be prepared to give ourselves to avoid that person/s experiencing pain…. To blindly follow others because a culture or society has set them up as authority figures to be respected or feared does nothing for me. It ignores the realms of epistemology that as humans we have spent almost the entire time of our existence constructing. If religion wants my respect then the sacred beings they worship must come to me and earn it. 

However, the blind bigotry of anyone irrespective of their beliefs, is the real problem. Those who have closed their minds and no longer act as if they could love another. Those who take no responsibility for their own behaviour but act as judge and jury for everyone else’s. The pontificators and the self absolvers who deliver misery to others and then wash their hands of their complicity. From atheists to monotheists there are many. Neither position appears to affect their materialist stance. The religious appear to worship their houses and cars in much the same way as their ‘God’. The atheists have no such competition. Just a monopoly. From this the parochial takes over. The narrow paradigm of making sense of the world from within a box, itself within a box….

This video sums up this dogma and it does not take a quantum leap to understand how truth and facts are then lost to a vision exploited by parasites for their own ends.

Douglas James