When you add piece by piece Boris Johnson’s response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, you are left with only a few options as to why the United Kingdom have opted for a ‘do nothing’ response. One of the key themes that stains the Conservative Party is an ulterior motive for eugenics. It’s a reasonable explanation that must be explored to explain the governments poor response to the countries outbreak. 

Eugenics is the ‘practice of improving the human species by selectively mating people with specific desirable hereditary traits. It aims to reduce human suffering by “breeding out” disease, disabilities and so-called undesirable characteristics from the human population’. In essence, eugenics promotes superior genes while eliminating inferior genes. Boris’ former advisor, Andrew Sabisky, interprets this as the rich and poor people, respectively. Sabisky was recently quoted as saying, “From a societal perspective the benefits of giving everyone modafinil once a week are probably worth a dead kid once a year”. 

Boris’ response does not compare well with other countries. Nearly every single country that is affected by the outbreak have begun banning social activities, attending school or work and banning flights from devastated regions. Italy now the epicentre of the coronavirus, with 17,660 cases, placed a complete lockdown down across the entire country. Many countries have reacted promptly to the presenting risk. Yesterday Poland who only have 68 confirmed cases and zero deaths at the time of writing have closed its borders by land, sea and air. The UK have an estimated 10,000 potential cases. The UK government is yet to enforce any means of significant social distancing, with the exception of self-isolation for seven days, even though the virus is reported to last between 14 and 24 days.

So, here is a dissection of Boris’ plan to ‘defeat’ the outbreak. Boris’ initial response was a weekend away with his fiancé – no sign of emergency and no sign of care for human life. He did not cut his trip short and it was only on his return that he formed his first emergency Cobra meeting. The outcome of this meeting was a step by step plan. It seemed promising on the surface, but when dissecting the detail, the plan provided no assurance that lives would be protected.  He was then interviewed by Philip Schofield on ITV’s ‘This Morning’, where he hinted at allowing the virus to simply ‘make it’s way through the country’. This hint turned out to become reality. 

Thursday 12th March, Boris announced further plans for people to self-isolate for seven days with a cough or fever and no one with mild symptoms will be allowed coronavirus tests through the NHS. 

Two issues here: 

1. Coronavirus statistics which help determine national severity will now become distorted, in essence making it less appear like an emergency. This allows for a eugenic plan to progress without a significant public contest. 

2. It’s only a seven-day self-isolation period. Other countries have proven that individuals can still spread the virus between 14 and 24 days. To point out the obvious – people will continue spreading the virus once self-isolation ends after seven days.

Yes, you may still be questioning whether there is a motive of eugenics and on the surface of it he has taken a unique approach which sounds plausible. But and this is a very ‘big but’, alongside the announcement on Thursday was a declaration of ‘herd immunity’. Herd immunity allows a large number of the UK population to catch coronavirus by working its way through the community. It is the view of some medical experts that as a nation most of us will develop an immunity to the disease. The experts conclude it will be halted in its tracks and unable to spread because the pathogen is less likely to find a susceptible person. This may be true, but also a sincerely unethical response that is admittedly surrendering many British lives.

I agree on the surface the response may appear to help the vulnerable. However, in order to reach a stage of herd immunity we will be sacrificing the most vulnerable and elderly to reach this point. It is also potentially a high-risk strategy. It has already been observed that China reported two cases where retransmission of the virus has happened. Nonetheless, to reach optimum herd immunity, the government want 60% of the population to contract the virus. 60% of the population is 39.6 million. The World Health Organisation document the mortality rate at 3.4%. This means the governments plan could see 1.3 million people die should their plan reach its goal. These are 1.3 million vulnerable, poor and elderly people. Ultimately, they are people the government do not see as desirable if they are happy to lose 3.4% of their population which leads you to one explanation – Tory Party Eugenics. 

If this information isn’t enough to sell to you a plausible explanation of Boris’ eugenic plan. They have recently provided themselves power to force schools to stay open, reduce standards in care homes and are currently debating to keep criminals imprisoned no matter how severe a prison virus outbreak may be. To adopt these policies during a public health crisis is ultimately a trial to put eugenic theories into practice. It is nothing but an attempt to force a virus through the population. When Boris Johnson said we will lose ‘loved ones before their time’; he was telling us the truth. It was the truth because he is manufacturing a government-sponsored fascist experiment in British survival of the fittest. 

Davey Gray

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  1. I wish people wouldn’t call him Boris. It makes him sound far too familiar and plays to his bufoonish persona rather than treating him and his policies with the seriousness they warrant. His name’s Johnson.

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  3. i’ve been researching many hours every day for a year since this ”virus” thing began. And ALL Roads kept on leading to EUGENICS DE-POPULATION by a group of ”Elite” who have Hijacked the planet. I have warned my family and friends. Plus many good people online are spreading this message already. Aswell as Geo-engineering toxins and 5G, one of their main weapons is the so-called ”Vaccine”. It isn’t a vaccine it’s a DNA altering technology which has already maimed and killed many 1000’s across the world. RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH..it will save your Lives…