A plot to deliver a mortal blow to Corbynism is being planned

If Aaron Bastani is correct, and it makes complete sense what he is saying, if there is another coup forming, then I am afraid to say those people have left the rest of us with no choice-we have tried, repeatedly to involve these people. We have taken public & private abuse daily from these people, yet we have campaigned with & for them for the greater good. What is becoming very clear is that these people DO NOT CARE ABOUT UNITY OR THESE POLICIES BEING IN POWER. ONLY THE OPPOSITE.

Given the state of the CONservatives, and the desperate need of the country, any coup is obviously way beyond being irresponsible and totally self-indulgent & unforgivable. Beyond disgraceful.

Like the SDP split in the 1980s, like the embarrassment of Tinge/TIG/Change UK, it is always the right of Labour that cause this upheaval. The same people calling for ‘Left’ members to be purged for stating they won’t vote Labour in a particular election are the EXACT same people now saying it is disgraceful Alastair Campbell was expelled. BTW, Alastair Campbell was aware and explicit about this before he did it!!!

These people are horrible, selfish, genuinely deluded, completely out of touch, with no ideas and no desire EXCEPT to bring down Corbyn & the Party at all costs, because they cannot accept their political views are nowhere near where the ‘centre ground’ now is. They are some of the most destructive, vindictive, disingenuous people I have ever seen, who are totally anti-democracy and anything that does not allow them to fail in power. Again. Then again. Then again…

Again i wish to say there is anti-Semitism within Labour, and must be called out & dealt with ASAP, but this is genuinely a tiny, tiny fraction. Too many, yes. But these people who are disgracefully using anti-Semitism as a tool to bring Corbyn & the Party down, make a mockery of tackling this very serious issue-they have no interest in anything other than trying to bring the Party down. Their dangerous & disgraceful lies & hypocrisy re Corbyn (and most members) is evidence of this.

So, to those who appear to be planning a coup where they will triangulate anti-Semitism-Peterborough By-Election-Brexit to try and drive a wedge between the membership & Corbyn, know this: YOU WILL FAIL. AGAIN. AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN. AND AGAIN. Nor will you be allowed to kill this Party to massage your own egos. From having a Shadow Cabinet that do not agree with him on everything, to appointing Keir Starmer as Brexit Secretary, to listening to all sides continually, to humouring some frankly disgraceful behaviour, to genuinely trying to unite Remainers & Leavers internally & externally, Jeremy Corbyn has tried to be as inclusive and pragmatic as possible.

The right acted as authoritarian dictators for years. Any one on the Left in Labour was derided privately & publicly. Enough of this destructive, arrogant, sociopathic, selfish, anti-democratic, ‘small man/woman’ complex. Enough. Enough. Enough. I don’t care how many media mates you have, how much of a preposterously disproportionate platform you have, you have left the rest of us with no choice. You chose to be the enemy. Not us. You’re on your own. You’re too disingenuous to just Leave. That’s not enough for you, is it? No, you want to destroy the life chances of millions of Brits because of your own egos. Well, you made your beds, you lie in them…and you WON’T bring the rest of us down with you.

To all comrades the above does NOT apply to, stay strong. Stay focussed. Stay loyal. Stay resilient. Stay with Corbyn. Stay Labour. Together we will win. Solidarity!

Adam Samuels