I have been doing some research across twitter, looking at various politics hashtags & accounts. After searching through a numerous amount, I found an account called @MAY_A_PAIN (See pic attached)

This account is the best one on twitter. They do everything UK politics –

• Tweet about #PMQs

• AIM tweets @theresa_may about everything she is messing up, calling her out on false facts & telling her what we are all thinking!

•Quotes the @conservatives tweets & corrects them with the real facts!

•Tweeting support for @jeremycorbyn & @uklabour

• Retweets other tweets from others including @jeremycorbyn & @uklabour!

• Quotes tweets from @theresa_may and corrects them/calls her out with the real facts!

• Much, Much More!!

Please follow them on Twitter & give them as much support as you can!

They tweet pretty much each day, are constantly active & are the best account to follow if you want Theresa May & her conservatives out & you want Jeremy Corbyn & labour in!

Spread the word, far & wide! Share, share, share!!