A coroner has concluded that a 14-year-old girl, Mia Janin, who experienced “bullying behavior,” died by suicide.

On March 12, 2021, Mia was discovered lifeless at her family home in northwest London, a day after discussing the possibility of changing schools with her parents. Two undated letters in Mia’s handwriting, addressed to “her loving family and friends,” were found on her bed, explaining her decision to end her life.

The area coroner, Tony Murphy, stated that Mia, a year 10 pupil, had encountered “bullying behaviour,” but did not directly attribute her death to bullying. The coroner mentioned that the Jewish Free School (JFS), where Mia was a student, implemented systematic changes in response to her tragic passing. While acknowledging hostile messages received by Mia on a TikTok post, the coroner clarified that she was neither diagnosed with mental illness nor displayed signs of contemplating suicide.

Mariano Janin, Mia’s father, had previously expressed his belief that his daughter was cyberbullied by fellow pupils at the school. Reports from an inquest revealed the circulation of “horrible messages” in a Snapchat group created by boys at her school.

Statements given to the Metropolitan Police indicated instances of cyberbullying, with one child noting the sharing of manipulated images and negative comments on Mia’s TikTok video. The child also mentioned Mia’s statement about people caring after death, which was initially laughed off as part of normal conversation.

There was no evidence that images or videos involving Mia were shared in the group chat, except for the TikTok, according to Mr. Murphy. Mia’s tragic death prompted discussions on whether those under 16 should be prohibited from using smartphones for the sake of their mental health. Conservative MP and former teacher Miriam Cates raised the issue with Rishi Sunak, citing a concerning increase in poor teen mental health, suicide attempts, and addiction to pornography since 2010.

For those feeling emotionally distressed or suicidal, Samaritans can be reached at 116 123 or through email at [email protected]. Letters can also be sent to Freepost SAMARITANS LETTERS.

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