Dennis Skinner Voted Against The Tory Power Grab Okay

The corporate media have published/announced (what ever you want to call it) that Dennis Skinner voted with the Tories and against Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership on the issue of the power grab. Why? It is simply untrue as Hansard proves.

Is this yet more incompetence from the corporate stooges? Is it a sinister attempt to undermine a set of values that challenges the nihilistic ghouls that run Westminster and beyond?

Who knows but do not fear reality is here.

Douglas James

He did vote against the ‘power grab’ but he only wants the bill to be amended not stopped. As a ‘Leaver’ this is consistent.

Once the bill had gained approval it would have been churlish to have voted for it not to continue on. His philosophy is that the Tories will implode and the Lords will not allow it any where near the statute book in its current form.