Front Page of The Sun: Can You Spot the 12 Flaws?

Not only does it imply the MP’s would read it but also it has a few other issues. Not least the fact that it looks like one of my year 9 design projects. Thing is, if I was going to push a nationalistic agenda, I may have done a little more research.

  • That’s a German Black Headed Mutton sheep.
  • The shard is owned by a Quatarian businessman, designed by an Italian.
  • The angel of the north was paid for by EU arts funding, and built with Indian steel.
  • The red arrows motto is “Éclat” French for excellence.
  • Stonehenge was built before the idea of nationalism, and government.
  • Mini is owned by BMW, designed by a Greek.
  • Alton towers was built by a German company.
  • Winsome castle was built by a Norman Duke.
  • Loch Ness monster – is fictional, and if you’d like to push the point, the Scots voted 62% stay.
  • Fish and chips invented by a Jewish immigrant.
  • Pugin who designed the House Of Lords’ interior, was a French immigrant.
  • Of course finally, the paper is owned by that Australian born American citizen, Murdoch.

Paul Cooper