Girl down the road is getting married but nothing on the BBC

I would like to announce the engagement of Nancy Bowden to Michael Reynolds. You will not have heard of them and they are happy with that. Nice and quiet little ceremony with family and friends next summer in a quaint little church. Followed by a modest reception. No journalists will be seeking their story. No magazine desiring their photos. No letter from No 10. No phone calls from the BBC… Just private love.

No tales of killing wild animals for fun or dressing up as Nazis. Just hardworking people looking forward to their future. No eulogizing by sanctimonious hypocrites or millions of words written. No commentators expressing the virtues of constitutional monarchies whilst hiding their fee paid education and affluent childhood step ups.


No off shore accounts. No servants. No back door entry to events. No tax subsidised transport or wardrobe. No talk of a public holiday. No state imposed conjecture. No history books being written and re written. Nope. Just a family day full of love.

Dara O’Briain sums up what many now think ‘Just turned on twitter and it appears Kate Hoey is so stupid they’ve had to call a royal wedding to distract us all.’ Distraction and feeding us establishment news that has no tangible benefit to the rest of us at all. The Peter Hitchens of this world and other fee paid school affluent leg ups will be falling over for an invite or to announce how wonderful Henry V was. No, for the rest of us, including Nancy and Michael, help with the gas bill would be more welcome.

Congratulations Nancy and Michael. I hope you have a long and wonderful life together. You won’t be spattered all over the BBC and elsewhere but no big loss eh. That might even broaden your smiles.

Douglas James