Health cuts are ‘an enormous assault on the health care of people of Dorset’

Mr Goodson – you speak repeatedly of misinformation 20th November 2018

From Tim Goodsom – 21st Nov 

“Thank you for your reply …. However, many of the points you make about the changes to the local NHS are still based on third party information and opinion, and they are not accurate”.

Mr Goodson – in reply to your pdf note yesterday 21st Nov (attached).

I made 28 source references in the document sent to you. 19 of these repeat references to DCCG own key documents : Dorset Clinical Services Review, RBH Clinical Review, The Future of Healthcare in Dorset, Dorset Your NHS. And further to that I referenced University of Sheffield research, Professor Jon Nicholl running the research, The King’s Fund, The NHS Keogh Report, the Fraud Act 2006, Madeira Surgery Parkstone, with four references (reporting public opinion) from responsible media (BBC and Dorset Echo).

And you dismiss all this work as “third party sourced information and opinion” and “not accurate” when overwhelmingly the source references are from your own documents.

This goes beyond all belief Mr Goodson that you dismiss sourced references from your own documents as “third party” and “not accurate”. As ever granite refusal to engage with any and all facts and arguments however carefully laid out.

As thousands in Dorset I am horrified by the mass closures of medical care access. But far beyond that let me be clear as stated before I condemn and abhor the shear dishonesty and deceit driving this huge decimation of our services.

Dressing up enormous cuts in service as changes and remodelling and transformation.

I am clear in my mind now I might just as well write to Cuadrilla and urge them to stop fracking as write to yourself and expect engagement on issues of public concern. Clearly the corporation ethos has taken over our National Health Service directed by monetary policy and marketing. Your group’s mission to massively take down Dorset NHS budget and in that regroup what is left in centralised centres many miles from tens of thousands of patients

If you want to engage Mr Goodson then reply point by point on all I laid out in carefully researched detail. You want to call it opinion, I think assessment and evaluation, speaking I would think for some 200,000 in our county, would be more accurate.

Go through the document Mr Goodson and as I have said before by all means correct with references what you consider inaccurate. To assert anything is “inaccurate” with no explanation is just that, empty assertion.

If you want to undertake that work point by point on the key issues then I will reassess views in the light of any explanation you give of inaccuracy, Further to that I am of the growing view an actiion using The Fraud Act 2006 Fraud by False Representation is one way to deal with the whole issue.

We live most deeply regrettably in a world of huge deception and deceit with the lead in this from the mass marketing world and large sections of the media. I could not be more sorry this culture has now clearly taking hold of our NHS. People will die with longer journeys and far less local access to emergency services. That is as clear as day but DCCG refuse to face up to this even when it is clear in SWAST research modelling.

When this does happen – and it has to be a posteriori when there has been proven deaths through longer journey times – then the cases will begin on the factual account from DCCG telling the population “changes” (closure of Poole A&E) will have “minimal impact on emergency journey times ….” [Dorset Clinical Review pg 12] and many similar comments in DCCG SWAST documents including “60 more lives will be saved”.

DCCG speaking of “minimal impacts” on patients as “a fraction of a %” when this works out to be many hundreds of patients impacted by longer journeys and higher risks to life.

And the facts – from your own research and data 2017 – attached in Key Evidence document. Read through this document, with data from SWAST modelling analysis, and we see that large numbers of patients (sepsis, overdose, heart attack, bleeding) are through longer journey times clearly going to be at higher risk of dying.

And, furthermore, you state in your reply to me 11th November that following closure of Poole A&E Poole UCC will have a capacity for “53,000” which is “around 80% of the current A&E capacity”. But this is not the critical point Mr Goodson. From NHS documents Poole Annual Report 2017/18 (pg 13), of 68,070 patients who visit Poole A&E each year 37,478 were “non-elective admissions”. 37,478 were admitted as A&E cases.

55% (37,478) of all visits to Poole A&E 2017 were A&E admissions and in your wording your are leading people to think that the Urgent Care Unit will deal with “80% of current visits to A&E”.

Under the new regime 55% of those who visit A&E under the current system (37,000) will be taken to Bournemeouth RBH. Only 45% (not 80%) which is 30,000 will get the help they need as offered by the UCC. Capacity of 53,000 means Poole can take 53,000 urgent care cases but then the majority of current visits to A&E 37,000 (55%) are admission emergencies, not minor ailments.

An enormous disruption for people. In the words of Professor Nicholl who led the Sheffield Research (if I may be pemitted to quote a third party – one DCCG refers to repeatedly) : “It is important to highlight that we didn’t find the better outcomes for patients that planners hoped to see from closing these small departments. It isn’t clear that the disruption and anxiety that can be caused by closing emergency departments is worthwhile”.

In all Mr Goodson I might welcome your invite for an “open and honest conversation” but I can see no value whatsoever in this until such time as DCCG address the multiple issues as listed in document sent in yesterday. There is far too much to take on in one or a dozen conversations. If DCCG want to engage then as said repeatedly by all means work your way through what was sent in yesterday, paragraph by paragraph, and correct what you claim, in sweeping assertions, are inaccuracies.

You are saying this is what DCCG offers on the budgets we have. I am saying (along with I believe the near entire Poole and Purbecks population) this is an enormous assault on the health care of people of Dorset. Not good enough. Needs to be thrown back to government. If “transformation” goes ahead then in coming years there will be actions against Dorset CCG in cases where ambulances could have accessed Poole A&E and the extra 20 minutes, or an hour (gridlocked A338), has led to death or irreversable damage. Deeply regrettable for all involved, not only patients but medical staff and NHS as a corporate body. Now before too late the time to tell DHSS this is not acceptable.

Mr Goodson – you speak repeatedly of misinformation …

Council meeting 13th Nov – explaining the issues ….

Yours sincerely,

Jeff Williams CGFTC BA PGCE



22nd November 2018