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A long-awaited shift in the UK’s weather is on its way, with the possibility of a heatwave arriving as soon as next week.

In comparison to last year, the hottest June the UK has ever experienced, this year’s summer has begun disappointingly, with cold northerly winds from the Arctic keeping temperatures low. However, things are now changing.

Over the weekend and into next week, warmer and more settled weather has a high chance of developing, with southerly winds bringing hot, continental air and a rise in temperatures.

“There is also around a 20% chance we could see heatwave conditions developing by the middle of next week.

Temperatures for the rest of this week may potentially rise above average, although nights might still remain chilly.

In the UK, a heatwave is defined as a prolonged period of abnormally high temperatures, relative to the expected conditions at that given time and place. The Met Office has a defined temperature threshold for each county in the UK, and if the daily maximum meets or exceeds this value for at least three consecutive days, it is classed as a heatwave. These threshold values range from 28°C in London and some Home Counties to 25°C in northern England, Devon and Cornwall, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and most of Wales.

Chertsey in Surrey came closest to reaching its 28°C threshold back in May, after climbing to 27.5°C – the highest temperature of 2024 so far.

‘Keep an eye on the forecast’

A heatwave and warmer weather are not the only possibilities, with the advice to “Keep an eye on the forecast!”

However, before then, Dan Harris, deputy chief meteorologist for the Met Office, predicts that an initial warm spell won’t last too long, with the weather turning “more changeable” this Friday and into the coming weekend.

“Temperatures this week are likely to peak at around 24 or 25°C on Thursday and Friday in the south, though more subdued in the northwest, with the influence of clouds and showers at times more likely,” he said.

For those who have been wishing for warm weather you may just be about to have a spell.

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