How Those With Chronic Health Conditions Can Manage Pain In Dorset

19.2% of Dorset’s population have a long-term illness, which goes to show that even when you’re living close to the county’s beautiful coastline, health conditions can still occur. Those who have been diagnosed with a long-term health condition will usually seek out ways to manage their illness and choose between varying pain relief options to ensure a good quality of life. While local care homes are promoting healthy weight in the elderly, those with chronic health conditions, such as arthritis, will find weight management beneficial when looking for ways to control their pain, too.

Distraction techniques

One thing you can do to relieve pain is to try and take your mind off it by doing something you love. This could be reading a book, watching television, heading out for a wander along Bournemouth pier or even taking the kids to Sandworld in Weymouth.

Research conducted by Jason Buhle showed that distraction reduces the perception of pain, so even on days where pain is particularly bad and you don’t feel up to leaving the house, you should make an effort to distract yourself. A good way to do this is to take up a hobby such as cross-stitching or painting.

Natural pain relief

Natural pain relief comes in many different forms. Simply having a bath can relax your muscles and instantly make you feel more comfortable and ready to continue on with your day. Alternative therapies such as a regular deep-tissue massage from a local therapist may also help to release tension in the muscles located deep within the body.

Exercise is a great way to keep healthy and to maintain your weight and it’s one of the many ways to deal arthritis pain. It can be daunting thinking about exercising when you’re experiencing joint pain, but going for a regular swim at Ferndown Leisure Centre, or a stroll along the seafront can really help to energise your body.

Prescription & over the counter medications

As much as a fifth of the UK population have misused non-prescription medication during their lifetime. The benefits of using over the counter medications is that they’re readily available and items such as paracetamol and ibuprofen are handy items to hand should you suddenly experience pain. However, this availability also leaves them open to abuse. If you’re suffering from pain related to a chronic health condition, then it’s strongly recommended that you speak to your GP who will prescribe the best medication and offer the best advice to help you manage your condition and your needs.

Dorset is packed full of places you can visit to help ease pain related to chronic health conditions. So, whether it’s natural, distraction or traditional pain relief you’re after, there’s something for everyone.

Jackie Edwards