I have just had an elderly lady ringing me who is distraught and crying her eyes out

I have read & heard, how we should not go on about the media bias and trying to counter it, to not mention the abuse we receive etc. To those people, I just want to say the following: I have just had an elderly lady ringing me who is distraught and crying her eyes out.

The reason? She says: “I have given everything to trying to defend Corbyn and these policies, but all I get is constant abuse. Constant bullying, and constant harassment. I turn on the TV and all I see is lie, after lie, after lie. Now we have ‘respected’ journalists like Michael Crick framing and blatantly lying about Jeremy. Doorstepping him and going after his son now. Even some of the Labour MPs have said, if we win, they will not allow Jeremy to introduce these policies. I have never seen anything like this in all my long years and I am crying myself to sleep wondering why on earth these terrible people are against basic common sense & the most decent human being I’ve ever seen. All I want is for there to be a future for the younger generations, I’m not even bothered about me. Why are these people so vile? I have lost all faith in humanity. My mental health is destroyed and I am constantly shaking like a leaf.”

No leader or party is above scrutiny, criticism or being held to account. Of course people disagree re politics & policies. But the media, and even some internal Labour people-PLEASE RE-READ the above. Look what you have done to just one elderly lady. This situation, the attack on Corbyn, Labour and their supporters is wwwaaayyyy beyond the pale now. It is not acceptable in any form at all. It must stop as you are, quite literally, destroying ordinary people’s lives. It is the lowest form of human behaviour (and, yes, I direct this at ANYONE, pro or anti Corbyn who treats people like this).

If you want a healthy debate re policies, fine. But it is not OK, in any way shape or form to carry on the very clear bullying, lies, aggression, abuse, character assassinations and MASSIVE HYPOCRISY shown by these bullies to act to other human beings like this. Shame on you. Shame on you all. Solidarity with ALL people, pro or anti Corbyn & Labour, who are treated like this elderly lady above. How Jeremy Corbyn has the resolve he does to put up with this is genuinely a miracle. We are living in scary times when the voice of people like this lady are not given any platform in our mainstream media, who are often the ones dishing out the bullying and abuse.

Oh, and the fact that there will be people saying “Poor diddims, boo hoo etc” makes the point for us.

Adam Samuels