Is it possible to ditch empathy and compassion and join the Conservative Party?

I am not a scientist. I do not understand bio chemistry. I have no comprehension of what it takes to stop becoming a caring person who abandons what the German sociologist Max Weber called ‘verstehen’. It must surely take some kind of acute trauma to make the transition from wanting a collective unity to desiring dis-harmony ravaged by conflict. Labour traditionally (and under Mr Corbyn) seeks solidarity. Uniting against all forms of prejudice and socially constructed inequalities. The Conservatives historically thrive on these. It keeps the minions distracted. Why would any Labour voter make this metamorphosis?

The current Prime Minister obviously sees potential in some Labour voters. Not only that but she has been given a platform in a newspaper not known for its Conservative sympathies. What is going on?

As the Guardian notes ‘May’s pitch for the centre ground will enrage many Labour supporters who see her as a supporter of eight years of Tory austerity and the architect of the hostile environment for immigrants.’ It would take a radical amnesia to forget the destruction, lies and false promises of consecutive Conservative governments to make such a leap. It would require a supreme effort to disregard the suffering of many in all communities. It would be farcical to trust a person who calls herself a ‘Christian’ but has apparently disregarded every word the main character was purported to have said.

And yet to vote Conservative is apparently now a sign of moderation and patriotism. Moderation? Killing vulnerable people! Explicit Racism! 

In fact if you visit many independent media in this country you will find evidenced examples of the hate fuelled policies of Conservative and Conservative cloned governments going back decades. There are too many to mention and it would not be fair to miss any out as they are working tirelessly to bring the reality to our consciousness. Those who choose to ignore are betraying themselves.

Patriotism? Selling off the UK’s assets to big corporations? Interestingly I could not find any definition that included this praxis when writing this but no doubt someone will somewhere.

Is this patriotic:

Billionaire press manufactures consent for privatisation of NHS and other public services, says Real Media campaign?

Is this why people say they are proud to be British so that we can give away everything to billionaires to get richer?

Mrs May appears to be making a mating call to people who either don’t know any of this (and much more) or who no longer care.

For what it’s worth I simply say don’t let your gift to the coming generations be something they will hate you for. There is already far too much of that about. Give them a different gift and make them proud of you.

Douglas James