Labour calls on BCP councillor to apologise for crass comments over the future of Poole A&E

Poole Labour has called on Andy Hadley, BCP cabinet member to apologise for an off the cuff statement he made at last night’s full council meeting. During questions from the public, Mr Hadley suggested that those Poole residents needing A&E or maternity services in the future at the Royal Bournemouth Hospital could “use a bicycle” as a way of avoiding congestion. The plans from the Clinical Commissioning Group to shift A&E and maternity services over to Bournemouth have proved to be controversial, with Poole People Party – of which Mr Hadley is a member – previously speaking out against the proposals. Critics have argued that Mr Hadley – a CCG employee – should not have been asked to give the statement at last night’s meeting, so as to avoid accusations of a conflict of interests.
Sarah Ward, chair of Poole Labour said: “Mr Hadley needs to apologise to the people of Poole for making such a crass and ridiculous suggestion that those needing A&E or maternity services should get on a bike. It’s extremely worrying that this is the same argument used by the previously Conservative run Poole council, but it’s now being recycled by Mr Hadley and his chums in the Unity Alliance. Local residents expect the councillors from Poole to stick up for their interests in the new BCP council, but I’m afraid Mr Hadley’s approach shows that maybe he takes more notice of his employer’s interests, than those of his constituents.”