Let’s stop this disaster waiting to happen

We shouldn’t even be in this situation because the plan in front of the committee has so many valid planning policy related problems that it should not have been recommended for approval (NINE planning policy conflictions at the last count, read this if you want to know more https://drive.google.com/…/1x48mulbbpNLzHGLuVgoh7j2jZ…/view… ) .

The planning officer that wrote the report obviously struggled to find an upside. It even contains important objections from other council officers (landscape & conservation officers).

The strategic director who put it together is now leaving and the leader who thinks it will be his legacy has told people he is retiring. Thanks chaps!

So, currently a terrible plan driven by two people who won’t be here to run it or deal with the aftermath is being recommended for approval despite over 2000 members of the public campaigning against it and 120 written objections being posted on the planning portal.

There are even a few brave councillors alleging undemocratic behaviour in the selling of the plan to the members and the public by the leadership.

It can’t be right. We have just one chance to do this properly.

Tomorrow should have been a great day for everyone to celebrate an exciting future for our town. Instead we are trying to stop an expensive mistake of a plan that bears no relation to what the original public consultation came up with. A plan that gives carte blanche and prime locations to poverty wage large chain employers, is unsustainable, uninspiring and will result in a 2 metre reinforced concrete wall being built around our beuatiful ancient harbour to protect the town from rising sea levels as a result of climate change.

It doesn’t need to be like this. But it could all be too late unless we turn up in force and make our displeasure very very clear to all of our elected councillors. And especially those on the planning committee who will vote on it at the end of the meeting.

If you care about the future of your town and your community you must physically be there if you can get there. Only a huge turnout tomorrow at the Ocean Room at 10am will sway this for the community. This community was never properly involved in the creation of this plan and this plan is for the development of our most prized piece of publicly owned land.

See you all there!