Local award winning ‘Fish & Chip’ shop aims to make 2018 it’s greenest year ever

2018 sees Weymouth award winning fish and chip shop Fish ’n’ Fritz going greener than ever. Owner Paul Hay is making sure the business is doing everything possible to make the business as green as it can possibly be. 

For years Paul has made sure that all the fish, Fish ‘n’ Fritz fries are sourced from sustainable sources, but now Paul is taking the business to a whole new level of greenness. The start of the year saw the installation of a new ‘Eco Friendly’ walk-in freezer from Express Refrigeration that uses 33% less electricity with gas that has a GWP 3 (low greenhouse impact). Now the emphasis is moving onto plastic waste that is produced. All takeaway knives and forks have been replaced with wooden ones which come from sustainable forests. Paper straws have been introduced rather than plastic straws, that have a horrific impact on marine and bird life when they are carelessly disposed of. Their fish and chip boxes are fully recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. They are now made from 3 sheets of paper 2 of which are recycled and the sheet that is in contact with the food is made from virgin fibres. All of the paper used is from sustainable sources and is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council). Paul is currently looking into ways he can change the takeaway bags from plastic to paper or vegetable ware.

Paul says “Where we can, we are switching over to more environmentally and sustainable products. I am constantly looking out for new ways we can help improve the environment. The way I look at this issue is, if we can all do a little the world can change a lot.”

It’s not the only initiative which Fish ‘n’ Fritz have embraced, their ‘Suspended Coffee Scheme’ has been a huge hit with customers and made a massive difference in the community, supplying hundreds of hot drinks and meals to homeless people.