Locally grown food will soon be on Bridport’s takeaway menu and it needs the community’s support

The Local Food Takeaway Project, an initiative launched by Bridport-based Stir To Action, is crowdfunding support for an ethically sourced and nutritious fast food alternative.

Stir To Action’s director Jonny Gordon-Farleigh and a team of locals are reviving an old catering vehicle, formerly the Real Food Van, by turning it into a community asset. With support from CLS Dorset and Ros Kayes, the vehicle has been serviced and repaired. Now it’s nearly ready to provide space for educational workshops and pop-up restaurants, promoting a locally sourced and sustainable food culture in the area.

Through local and ethical procurement, based on recent research by Tamsin Chandler for CLS in Dorset, the project aims to build capacity for West Dorset’s smallholders. Its principal supplier will be the Charmouth Dragon, which supplies vegetables and meat from the region’s producers.

The Local Food Takeaway Project will be a community co-operative that is owned and controlled by its members: chefs, young caterers, food educators and other non-profits who use food for social purpose. It is also set to be a street food ‘incubator’ where experienced members of the project will mentor and support young and new entrants to the food business.

The crowdfunding campaign started on Wednesday 21st October and is looking to raise at least £6,000 within a month. Funds will be used to cover start-up costs, including a new interior conversion, catering equipment, tax and insurance, basic training and original artwork to give the vehicle its new identity.

Backers will be rewarded for their support. You could find yourself on a forage, part of a cookery club, or having a local food takeaway served at your event by member-chefs from River Cottage and Trill Farm. You can get a ticket to come to our launch, become a founder supporter and get a monthly takeaway for a year, or get the vehicle’s original artwork on a t-shirt or tote bag.  

Jonny Gordon-Farleigh said, ‘We’ve already attracted the project’s founding members and support from local food charities and organic growers. But it will need the support from the whole community as social investors, members and, of course, its hungry customers!”

The Local Takeaway Project is expected to launch in spring 2016.

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