After many years and experience in the working world, I’ve decided to start something new again.

I will be offering training courses for teenagers / young adults starting in November!

Due to increasing demand, each course starts on the principle of first come, first served.


Coaching and practical tasks

One module runs for over 6 weeks.

The course is aimed at all young people

Participation via Zoom or in the team is possible.

Module 1:

“Toilet paper”

How does the paper get out of the wrapper and into the toilet paper holder? What happens when toilet paper is empty?

Group discussion and practical exercises

Module 2:

“Dirty clothes”—what do we do next?

Difference between the laundry basket and floor.

PowerPoint Presentation and Chart

Module 3:

“Basics of dishwasher”

How do dishes get off the table and into the dishwasher?

In-depth Seminar:

Difficulties and solution strategies for removing dishes and rubbish from the bedroom.

Module 4:

“How do you find stuff without asking your parents?” “

Open discussion/opening cupboards.

Module 5:

How do the clean dishes get back into the right place in the kitchen cupboard?

Video example and practical exercises

Module 6:

“Sink function + the roll out”

We do practical exercises on what a clean table means and what is needed to drain a sink.

Practical exercises in groups.


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