New plans for workers rights’ won’t shift balance of power in the West Country gig economy

The South West TUC believes that the Government’s announcement on workers’ rights falls well short of what is needed to address insecurity and abuse in the region’s labour market.

Commenting on today’s (Monday) announcement on workers’ rights by the government, South West TUC Regional Secretary Nigel Costley said:

“Scrapping the agency worker loophole is a victory for union campaigning. It was an Undercutters’ Charter.

“But these reforms as a whole won’t shift the balance of power in the West Country’s gig economy of fast food, hospitality, care, retail and cheap labour.

“Unless unions get the right to organise and bargain for workers too many working people will continue to be treated like disposable labour.

The South West TUC believes that much more needs to be done to tackle insecurity caused by the abuse of zero-hour and short-hour contracts.

“The right to request guaranteed working hours is no right all. Zero-hours contract workers will have no more leverage than Oliver Twist”.