Our Government and its drones are colluding with the far right. What is their end game?

Our fascists are toxic but they aren’t just racist, which is rotten enough, but our government and media is actively encouraging them to attack ‘left wing’ politics and to allow an attack on its own poor, sick and disabled citizens.

Our government is using them to grow the ‘right’ via fear of poverty, but reality is they are selling themselves and their fellow working class citizens to corporate slavery with crushed workers rights and increasing homelessness and food banks. And I’m sure when the ‘left’ in poverty end up homeless on the street the ‘right’ will then be used to kill us, or make our lives more unbearable hence the massive rise in suicides here (its doubled).

In the UK it’s about engendering financial inequality. The ‘right’ are the pawns the government here is trying to empower. That’s how I think it’s going down here.

This government are using psychological PsychOps of military grade to manipulate the ‘right’ and to crush the poor using the benefits system. The ECHR and the UN need to properly step in not just talk about it. They are doing this by using the media and the tabloids and language change. Just like how Hitler worked. They are doing similar and it appears to be working.

As well as interfering with democracy via changing boundaries of constituencies to suite themselves, and having First Past The Post (FPTP) voting re elections. Every vote should count. This method means our votes aren’t counting.

The Tories have destroyed our welfare system, the NHS, the housing situation and education all to put money in corporations pockets, a massive transfer of public wealth to private corps has taken place. The rich folks wealth here has increased by 812 billion. And working class economy has been collapsed intentionally.

Whilst they steal and sell everything that the working classes paid for from our taxes and national insurances. They are diverting money we paid in to take care of us when we are sick n old and attacking the sick n disabled psychologically via DWP sanctions and their whole rotten system is a system that is deliberately set to put claimants constantly in psychological stress unable to plan big purchases, our future or have any happiness without being deemed liars and cheats or on the fiddle. Then financially transferring that money we need to live or for any quality of life whilst feeding it to corporations like ATOS, G4S Capita IAS and workfare enslavers.

Capitalism is now not controlled and small businesses are crushed because of the buying power of big business, lack of investment and because people in areas of high unemployment cannot afford to buy their services.

People are being turned against each other. Mental health issues are rising massively because everyone’s judging everyone instead of helping each other we are being taught to hate each other by the language of our corporate mainstream media.

And I’ve noticed they are attacking Facebook. And destroying ‘left’ groups on there by pretending to be ‘left’ but are fascists trolling the ‘left’. Some trolling is targeted to individual activists and is of a deeply psychological and personal nature.

The UK is in deep trouble. And I can feel a civil war is being built here between ‘left’ and ‘right’. And the reality of the whole thing and the smearing of the ‘left’ as anti semitics is nothing but a ruse to create this war. AND the hatred engendered by the ‘right’ is to enable them to crush the poorest and sick n disabled for their NWO agenda of depopulation. They have robots now they don’t need the working classes they see as inferior.

Reality this isn’t about the colour of our skin, though that is one of their weapons of choice, it’s about a vast network globally of the very wealthy waging war on the poorest by removing our rights, our health care, our welfare, and setting us against each other using rhetoric about immigrants, about Muslim paedo gangs, (whilst not mentioning the vast white paedo gangs), about scroungers and shirkers. Its about dividing a country’s population to hate each other and intentionally stoking the divisions and divided to fight each other.

This is also why they have massively targeted our policing, our social services, and health care, and welfare. So when it breaks out the public services won’t be there to control it or pick up the pieces. That’s the racism and fascism of the ‘right’ that’s controlling the UK. Brexit was there to trigger it all. But reality is it’s all being done to stoke tensions in working classes. It is actual class war.

I suspect if we look at it world wide you will find it is similar in all the countries and it’s controlled and interfered with and funded by the rich and powerful. Funding the hate, the media and the hate groups. But in their own greed they will end up destroying and poisoning the planet and themselves.

Maria Nelson