Please stop calling the BBC news & current affairs programmes neutral

“What about hastening a Marxist into number ten; have you just helped the opposition?”

Source: Jo Coburn, The Daily Politics, BBC, Thursday 14th December 2017.

Context: Coburn was NOT quoting anyone (If she was quoting, she made no reference to it being a quote although we all know where it really came from don’t we?), she was putting her point/question to Conservative MP Jonathan Djanogly, who was one of the Tory rebels in last night’s vote in Parliament.

To be clear, I have absolutely nothing against Marxists or Marxism at all; but if I go through the Labour Manifesto, I am struggling to find what exactly is Marxist in there. Economically, what is being offered, is Keynesian economics to start with.

But that was a very conscious, clearly loaded, choice of words by the BBC presenter. Again. It was actually the same presenter who introduced who Corbyn was with a list of all the usual MSM outright lies-the Bin Ladan, Hamas, IRA abusive smears, lies & character assassinations etc.

Please, can we stop pretending the BBC is impartial?! The whole culture of it is steeped in small & big C Conservatism & Neo Liberalism. I accept they are not always conscious of it, but it stands out like a neon flashing light when their idea of someone on the ‘Left’ is Jonathan Freedland.

When the last 3 Tory media figures are appointed straight from the BBC, when huge numbers of the presenters and backroom staff are known Conservatives, when their own chief political reporter publicly acknowledged the BBC bias against Corbyn, when their new head honcho of the Today programme comes directly from the editorial team The Daily Mail…it’s time to stop pretending their is impartiality as a general editorial line/culture at the BBC today.

I accept it is impossible not to have your own political views, and every one has their own political background. The problem comes when those views actually form the culture and ‘normal’ editorial approach to the obvious extent they do now. Of course, the irony being Jeremy Corbyn is the biggest advocate and supporter of the principle of having a BBC, and would properly fund it.

Adam Samuels