Revolt! Vote on Polling Day!

There is a government conspiracy at work designed to keep them in power and to carry on with their frankly disgusting and psychopathic policies. They don’t want the people they are kicking hardest to vote. If you don’t vote, so the theory goes, they will get into power and carry on kicking you.

‘You’ includes people under 21 who might now be on the streets if you fall out with your parents. ‘You‘ includes students going to do a nursing degree and having to borrow £££ to do it where once there was a bursary. ‘You’ includes people on state pensions who may end up working for your meagre yet hard earned state handout. You also includes pregnant women on Portland who may be told to keep your legs together for 90 minutes while the ambulance fights through holiday traffic to the nearest maternity unit in Poole. As to ‘jobless scroungers’ and disabled people? They enjoy kicking you and will a lot harder. There are an awful lot of you to kick and being nothing better than schoolyard bullies, they will dance around with their political steel toe-capped DMs and do the lot of you.

During my movements among people who identify themselves as ‘left wing’ I far too frequently find them non-voters. If the non-voters voted we wouldn’t have this silly Brexit rubbish as the far right dismantle the United Kingdom and destroy our economy. We might not even have a Conservative government to have had that awful vote. Looking to the US, we wouldn’t have the Toddler In Chief Donald Trump threatening to nuke North Korea, and potentially have a sane and stable president in the White House Instead. 

That’s bonkers!

Among all the hand wringing and ‘remoaning’ going on there is a stark fact – that those who didn’t vote are predominantly young and the young predominantly wanted to remain in the European Union. Never mind that fascist pig Nigel Farage – it is the young who didn’t get off their bums to vote that led to this awful crisis we’re facing today. According to the London School of Economics, “those who did not vote were, by a ratio of 2:1, Remain supporters.” 

We are watching the news in South East Asia as the US President Toddler Trump handles nuclear button happy North Korea with all the deftness and diplomacy that my 2 year old daughter does our cat. Yet, again the statistics show that it would likely be President Hillary Clinton at the helm if US voters had bothered to vote on the day. Forbes Magazine stated, “The story of Hillary Clinton’s defeat, then, is not the Trump Movement erupting in the ballots, nor the fable that some “Reagan Democrats” flipped again from Obama to Trump. The story is altogether different, and very simple: the Democratic base did not turn out to vote as it did for Obama. Those sure-Democrats who stayed home handed the election to Trump.”

Some reasons

The US is somewhat different to Brexit. There is definite evidence that the Democrat establishment fixed the Democrat Primaries so Bernie Sanders didn’t get in. Their meddling really alienated many voters and Sanders voters didn’t support Clinton.

The UK is more nuanced and there is an awful lot of history to really do this section justice. I will touch on some of it in broad terms. Firstly, Tony Blair abandoned the left wing of the Labour Party. We can see this in his ignoring the million or so who marched over the Iraq War, and the advent of the middle class champagne socialist. According to a blog in the New Statesman written by Graham Jones MP, “Rather than serving as a vehicle for collective empowerment, the party strayed towards managerialism, centralisation and statism. For some of a younger generation, Blairism changed the path of their lives, giving them university dreams and the belief they could live lives more prosperous than their parents. But, for too many, it left a sense of detachment and disappointment, with leaders and ideas that could never relate to the realities of life.” Many never voted again.

Though an avowed Corbynista and member of the Labour Party I’m not telling you who to vote for. In some constituencies it may make sense to vote for a different party to my own due to the old fashioned electoral system we have.

For my part I hear today some people who say they support Jeremy Corbyn also say that they won’t vote because he won’t get in. Let’s face it, the newspapers and even the BBC hate Corbyn with a passion. They are for the most part run by upper middle class and the top 1% who would stand to lose out from someone genuinely interested in bringing equality back onto the UK political agenda. Given he wants to tax multinationals to the same extent that shopkeepers are and not let them dodge tax, I can’t say I’m surprised as they would have to pay up to £35 billion a year between them. News International is one of those, and the Barclay brothers who own the Telegraph aren’t short of a bob or two. The Guardian? Given its plummeting sales, is it even part of the argument? The Independent has gone out of circulation. The Mirror is owned by City shareholders and thinks being left wing is to be to somewhat to the left of The Sun. The BBC? It used to be a news organisation of standing, once upon a time…


Do you seriously want the conspirators to steal government again? Do you want a far right autocrat like Theresa May walking into Downing Street again? If not, it is down to you to change that. Register to vote now. If we had an 80% or even 100% turnout on Polling Day on June the 8th, the political establishment will need to wear nappies that night. Revolution will come and many of the horrible right wingers that are polluting Westminster will be out of a job. Believe me – your inaction is playing right into their hands… 

Richard Shrubb