The Torygraph is owned by Sir David Barclay (who died three days ago) and his twin brother Sir Frederick Barclay. They own the lease on the island of Brecqhoua, a Channel island, though they spent most of their time in their Monaco home.

Their wealth is estimated at £7 BILLION (seven thousand million pounds!) They are known for their tax avoidance – personally and their companies. They wish to continue not paying tax (like the rest of us pay), which is supposed to pay for our schools, hospitals, police, fire service, council services and support for those who need it most. Therefore, instead of printing news, instead of printing facts and truth, instead of holding our corrupt government to account, they support our corrupt Tory government….. and they print this SHIT!!

In February 2018, after basketball superstar LeBron James criticised The Racist Rapist (Trump) in an interview, The Fox Propaganda Channel’s Laura Ingram ‘told’ him to “shut up and dribble!”

This was The Torygraph deciding it was their turn to tell another black athlete to ‘shut up and dribble!’ Not that it matters, but Rashford had a pass completion rate of over 89% (very high) on Tuesday and provided the assist for the goal which gave United a 1-0 win and took them to the top of Premier League table in a season where Rashford has clearly been their best player!

As I keep saying: “If you’re not angry yet, you are reading the propaganda of the billionaires!”

Thanks to Mark Ritson for highlighting this monstrosity!

Tom Lane


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