Summer is almost here! Are you looking after your Marine Turbo?

Are you looking after your Marine Turbo?

Summer is almost here! We’re shining up our boats & cars and looking forward to making the most out of the weather for the next coming months! If you’re wanting to make the most of your purchase and hit the coastlines, we have one question – have you been looking after your marine engine and would you recognised the early signs of turbo failure?

A turbocharger is a vital component within the engine bay and keeping it in optimal condition is crucial to maintain performance and fuel efficiency. However, the worst thing to do is ignore your turbo all year round and wait until something goes wrong…

How Do I Spot The Signs?

Wear and tear, oil problems, over speeding and debris are issues which can occur with any turbocharger, including marine turbochargers. The important thing is to try and catch a problem early in order to avoid a costly repair or complete replacement.

The main sign to look out for with turbo failure is excessive black smoke which can be a symptom of unburned fuel escaping from the unit, typically meaning there is a fault with the air system. When unburned fuel is escaping it means the boat is not running efficiently… and it will guzzle fuel!

If you are seeing blue smoke it could mean that the turbo is failing and allowing engine oil to enter either the air intake system or the exhaust system. In some extreme cases the seal gap may be large enough for ‘engine runaway’ to take place – but with good quality Turbos this is rare, but it is still vital to diagnose the cause of the leak as soon as possible.

What Can We Do For You?

For every turbocharger we receive we offer a full inspection complete with an Inspection Report FREE of charge in order to determine the fault.

We will inspect the turbine blades for any damage or imperfections, check the piston ring oil seals for wear, check the shaft for wear and scoring as well as check the journal bearings and thrust assembly for excessive wear or deterioration. We will even check the actuator and inspect the oil inside the turbo to determine if the failure was caused by another engine component failing – After all, no one wants to pay to have their turbo fixed twice, which is why we believe a thorough inspection and correct diagnosis is critical.

When the failure analysis is complete we will offer you a quote for the cost of repair, reconditioning, servicing or supply of a new turbo. If you decide you do not want to have the issue remedied by us we can deliver the turbo back to you.

At Turbo Dynamics repairing a turbo, where possible will always be our first objective. Our reputable cost of repair service starts from only £195 + VAT (depending on condition) for any unit in need of an overhaul. If a turbo is in need of replacing you will be safe in the knowledge that that we will always supply brand new parts where available to ensure the very best of quality. We also offer a very competitive exchange service* in order to minimise the costs whilst maintaining a first class service.

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