There should now be no doubt whatsoever that a third attempt to remove Corbyn is underway. The ‘anti-semitic’ shenanigans were part of it.Hodge’s outbursts were a trailer. And now Tom Watson, despite his fake attempts to appear loyal at the last Labour Party conference is back to business as usual in The Observer today. Ignoring or playing softly, softly with these people will not work, leave alone apologising for ‘anti-semitic’ remarks by an Auschwitz survivor, who compared the Israeli leaders to Nazis.

Given the state of the Tory Party and a distinct possibility that an election could take place any minute the rulers of this country, including the Army tops and a chunk of the Parliamentary Labour Party are nervous that Corbyn could become the next Prime Minister and difficult to unseat. So they’re trying it on again and this needs to be stated loudly and clearly in public by him and others. The Labour Party and TUC conferences offer obvious locations for starting an offensive designed to deal with enemies on both fronts, external and internal. No more apologies please.

Well-meaning people think that everyone inside Labour wants to defeat the Tories. This is not the case. Blair has already appealed for a united front with Tory retainers to defeat Corbyn and his supports inside Labour would love to see Corbyn defeated. The fact that it was under his leadership that Labour obtained the second highest vote in its electoral history still rankles. I’ve heard many an extreme centre scumbag denounce democracy ….so the logic is obvious. Anyone but Corbyn. That’s their motto.

A Corbyn victory would have a global impact, especially in the rightward moving EU states. The choice they prefer is Macron or Salvini: extreme centre or extreme right? Britain today offerers another alternative . Extreme centre or radical social democracy?