Tim Goodson – Dr Forbes Watson – Debbie Flemming – Tony Spotwood. What is your real agenda?

Do you not think it is high time on critical life saving issues that, as the directors managing NHS changes in Dorset, you spoke up in public media and clarified key factual public issues?

An Urgent Care Unit is NOT an Accident and Emergency Centre. There will after changes in Poole be no on-duty surgeons and consultants let alone surgery theatres and beds to deal with accident and emergency patients. But no less we have Cllrs in Poole and Bournemouth making the claim that an Urgent Care Unit is the same as an A&E unit in “all but name”.

How outageous to make such grievously misleading claims.

And likewise the figure for those that will still be able to be treated in the Poole urgent care unit is 45% (31,000 out of 68,000) not as Cllrs are claiming and publishing in local media, 80% of current visits.

These are huge deceptions. They are downright lies and if not then you need to demonstrate in language the public can understand the truth of the matters :

An A&E has surgeons and consultants with operating theatres and admission wards : an urgent care centre is GP led non-admission GP surgery care.

The majority of A&E cases currently going to Poole A&E (37,000) will have to be taken to RBH A&E – only 31,000 (45% – not 80%) will be treated in the urgent care unit.

Shocking Mr Goodson, Dr Watson, Debbie Flemming, Tony Spotwood, you stand by and allow these lies to circulate. And they are indeed lies when there is intent to deceive. I for one cannot read any longer what is being published every week by Cllrs in local media as anything but calculated deception.

We sow the wind – we reap the whirlwind. I would have thought the pack of lies that launched Brexit (£350 milliion a week for NHS, etc etc) was enough proof for lifetimes that lies and deception cause havoc and chaos in our world.

You need to speak up, publish, and clarify. Tomorrow would be good as a matter of urgency before the Poole Scrutiny meeting. The question stands – are our Cllrs lying and deceiving – or are they themselves being grievously mislead by DDCG. Of all your statements “not everyone agrees with our plans”, in the face of overwhelming public opposition, makes clear to me you will use language in every way you can to grossly mislead.

And this the medical profession of all professions that earns the deepest trust over whole lifetimes, now with of all people a letting agent Cllr in Bournemouth (Orton Gibson) throwing his opinion to the public, telling everyone we need not have concern for those in remote neighbouhoods with longer ambulance delays.

I would expect little better from a profession not known for its interest in human well-being, but then all the more critically expect out NHS leaders to speak up and correct grievously misleading misinformation. But then it is DCCG that is the source of this misinformation isn’t it.

Our medical leaders subsumed into the world of deception, branding, and marketing … never mind the truth. All the more pity Dorset NHS leaders do not follow the example of NHS England Chief Executive Simon Stevens who is clearly eye-ball to eye-ball with Ministers over the issues of realistic service delivery. Telling Ministers the truth. NHS is in a dire underfunded state. Not DCCG policy to grossly mislead the public. Taking £147 million out of operational budgets whilst using every strategy possible, aided and abetted by Cllrs causing even more confusion, to lead the local population to believe closing down a major A&E is all to the public good.

Truly Outrageous. Cllrs should be only too pleased to refer back to DHSS Independent Panel, and DCCG only too willing to have plans comprehensively reviewed in the best interest of all of us in Dorset.

Jeff Williams