‘Artificial Intelligence’ are the new buzzwords. Even a robot in Sweden has been granted citizenship. So what? you may ask.

Here, Max Igan, a  highly respected researcher explains the very sinister side of  things AI.

From Smart Phones to Video Games, from Killer Drones with guns to Smart Meters and the incessant drive for Gender Fluidity, there is a side to all this that is very alarming for all  manknd. Terminator is not just sci-fi anymore. It is right here, right now. Perhaps the most worrying aspect is that few seem to care. Well you all will soon!  AI has NO empathy, no humanity, no caring and loving side which is normally in the human psyche.

Have a listen, time is running out before AI controls you, humanity and every single thing on this rapidly failing planet.

This has to be stopped NOW before it is too late.

James Pulleine