This has to stop. The belief that people can say any old shite on social media and get away with it. If one does begin to type or speak from an emotional perspective they need to know from now on that the courts will force them to retract, apologise and compensate. It should be a lesson to everyone. STICK TO THE FACTS AND THE CONTEXT. OR ELSE.

‘On 13 December 2020 I made defamatory statements about @AyoCaesar, which I sincerely regret and retract and have undertaken not to repeat. I have agreed to pay substantial damages to Ash Sarkar and her legal costs. Here is my full and wholehearted apology. Please retweet.’

As the above makes clear it is not only the original false statement that is the issue. Those who follow on behind with vile, disgusting comments that exacerbate the issue are as much of the problem.

Social media organisations need to make it much easier to report and remove false comments… about other people and those who do not learn the lesson should find themselves being removed from social media permanently and if necessary facing legal action.

The only way to stop people lying or spreading falsehoods about others is to make them understand that society… will not accept it.

James Finlayson



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  1. It’s only the Right Wing media that do wrong then?

    The Left Wing media never issue death threats, dox people’s addresses or bully people to suicide because they don’t agree with them?

    Oh, is that a flying pig in the sky?

    Neither side are exactly arbiters of truth, so neither side is blame free. I hardly doubt that this site is independent, seeing how each and every story is clickbait and biased.

    • No…it wasnt a pig flying…it really is almost 98% right wing individuals and organisations that threaten….as in Britain First….UKIP….BNP…..all of them have had members who have broken the law by threatening violence including rape. Sorry….but the left are less inclined towards violence, its a fact, live with it.

    • What left wing media?

      Please send links and contact the police about the death threats otherwise you could be complicit and also withholding information is a crime.

      Independent of the corporations we certainly are but no one is neutral no matter what they say. Either prejudice or ignorance kills that. It is a human failing.

      Get reality and then go from there.