Archaeological evaluation works now complete at Fairfield car park

We have recently carried out archaeological evaluation digs in Fairfield long stay car park. Thank you for your patience during the works. Relining of the surface of the car park is underway. We anticipate the car park to be fully operational by Monday 11 December.

Further understanding

Cllr John Russell, Chairman of the Dorchester Town Centre working group, said: “The heritage of Dorchester is very important to us and the town. Further understanding of this area was vital to understand how we could best enhance the space with any potential development.”  Click here for more information on why we commissioned the work.

County Archaeologist to comment

The Archaeological consultant ‘Context One Heritage and Archaeology’ have given us their initial report. It found several undated features including a ditch and a few, small pits. The Archaeological Consultant informed us that on their own, these are not deemed significant.  We will be sending the full report to the County Archaeologist, who advised on the locations for these trenches. They will then send us their comments.  Once the County Archaeologist has reviewed the report we will put a summary of the report on our website.