Time and time again one of the most untrusted corporate media in Europe lashes out at those who prefer to do things differently. With their sales plummeting and their existence determined by billionaires bank rolling them they repeatedly spew out their nonsense otherwise known as ‘news’ and ‘entertainment’. To any educated and discerning person it is dog shit wrapped in digital coding but for many it is gospel.

To repeatedly attack the independent sector means only one thing. They are scared of too many people seeing another side to life that is wrapped in facts and research and not propaganda and corruption.

Look over there they say and the gullible shift on their haunches and do just that.

Attacking The Canary yet again is but one example:

The Canary’s Jewish co-founder Nancy Mendoza has issued a statement on the renewed assault:

As a Jewish co-founder of The Canary, I find the continued recycling of this smear campaign both personally offensive and transparently cynical.

One key goal of our anti-racism work is to show that people can change their minds. Steve Topple did exactly that. He made antisemitic comments before learning more and apologising at length. Critically, Steve’s views are forever changed and he remains committed to fighting racism of any kind.

The facts were the same when the likes of Riley and Oberman promoted this long-dead story in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and today. That both continue to target a left-wing media outlet co-founded by Jewish people, and led by an LGBT woman of colour I believe speaks more to their values than ours.

The fact this witch hunt has been forced to regurgitate the same long-settled story repeatedly is further evidence of its baselessness. We are proud that through our journalism, we tackle racism, bullying and all forms of bigotry on a daily basis – rather than simply weaponising it for political ends.

‘The Canary has forwarded the matter to its legal advisers.’

Do not expect the same sanctimonious people to reveal reality. Treating people like cattle whilst they sneer is their game.

Drop the corporates and live again.

Dorset Eye Facilitators

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