Children’s Artwork on display at Lighthouse, Poole

A Healthwatch Dorset exhibit of children & young people’s artwork is on display at the Lighthouse, Poole for the next two weeks.

The exhibit includes work from schools, youth groups, colleges and young carers aged 5 to 25 years, from across Dorset. Artwork, poetry, photos and blogs from the Healthwatch Dorset project titled: “Be Yourself: Everybody Else is Taken” explores themes of health, physical and emotional, and identity.

Stephen Wrentmore, Lighthouse Artistic Producer, explains:

“Lighthouse is inspired and powered by artists of all ages. We are delighted to support Healthwatch Dorset’s children and young people’s creative project and the thoughtful and insightful artworks they have produced.”

Oakdale Junior School have taken part, for a second year, in the Healthwatch Dorset project. The children were invited to create artwork that expressed their thoughts about their lives and personal experiences. 15 children from Oakdale Junior school, aged 9-11 took part in the art and therapy workshop. The outcome of these sessions shows work in a variety of mixed media, including watercolour, ink, collage, and digital photo editing.

Jemima Fricker, Art Teacher at Oakdale Junior School, told us:

“The work explores the themes of mental well-being and the children’s individual struggles and worries. The project gave importance to their stories and also the chance to talk about their ideas and life experiences. The process of making this powerful artwork helped the children to understand that they are not alone.”

The “Be Yourself” project has been a great success in getting young people to talk about their experiences with mental health, disability, caring for others and the struggles they face with identity in a creative way. Healthwatch Dorset is running a

touring display over the summer and using the artwork they’ve gathered to help improve local health & care services for children & young people.

You can find out more and see the children & young people’s work along with photo’s & films at or contact them on 0300 111 0102.

Louise Bate