Conservative Ex Chief Whip Admits Part Of His Role Was To Help Tory MP’s Who Had Got Into Trouble With Small Boys

A short extract from the Michael Cockerell documentary ‘Westminster’s Secret Service’ broadcast by the BBC in 1995.

Tim Fortescue was a Whip under Edward Heath between 1970 and 1973. In the documentary it was revealed that the Chief Whip kept a little black ‘dirt book’ which contained information about MPs, and this was used as a method of political control.

In this clip he admits that his office helped sort it if MP’s ‘got into a scandal with small boys.’ They then had to return the favour at a later date. 

No one knew back in 1995 that this would turn in to a national scandal or that these MP’s and others would have to be protected from such a ferocious glare. 

This situation continued and is still in place today:

My letter to PM on whips and child abuse inquiry – Mark Reckless, Tory MP

and who knows what legislative favours have been called in by the clandestine figures controlling this country from the shadows.

As James Pulleine suggests:

‘Ever wondered why the obscene  Investigatory Powers Act (The Snoopers Charter) got through Parliament without a murmur? Or the treasonous  European Communites Act 1972 and the shutdown of benefits etc  etc? Plus all the other legislation designed to close down freedom of speech, thought, action and deed?

Anyone who still believes we here live in an open democracy and free society, think again!’

If you ever wondered why the abuse enquiry is riddled with problems perhaps things have now become somewhat clearer.

Douglas James