Credit Where It’s Due

To give credit where it is due…I often criticise the BBC for not being balanced enough, and I stand by that as a general theme, but Andrew Marr was very good, and balanced, when interviewing Theresa May today on the NHS. In part, and he uses it as an example, his own stroke informed his questioning and passion no doubt, but he did a very good job (as he did re railways). May was completely taken to pieces with informed, determined questioning. It again exposed just how dangerous-and this is the key point-this Government is re the NHS.

Very conscious political decisions are manufacturing a crisis, and, literally, killing people. Think about that. Here in Wales, the NHS is not ideal, and I do not agree with some decisions made-criticisms are due here, too. However, the crisis in England is a CONSCIOUS choice, and as a complete entity, Wales is far better than England re the NHS-from free prescriptions to not having the volume of cancellations in England, to Social Care being better etc. Wales is also at the mercy of austerity being passed on to them from the Conservatives.

There is an attempt now in some media, and absolutely definitely by the Tories, to ‘normalise’ the ‘need’ for private healthcare. They say things like “why should I get to see a GP for free when I can afford to pay?” Or “we need to have a serious/grown up discussion about NHS funding” etc. All these roads lead to privatisation, bit by bit. It will not be all of a sudden you have pay, it will be done in small bits until Jo/Joe Public is made to believe “it‘s the only way” via right wing politicians and people in the media. Or initial small fees that, due to a manufactured crisis, people will almost certainly pay (if they can) in order for their sick child to be seen soon etc.

Our NHS was formed when the country was far more broke than it is now. It was formed by Labour with Attlee & Bevan being told the EXACT same things people say to Corbyn & McDonnell now “We can’t afford it, this is a fantasy utopia, this will actually impact most on the poorest and neediest” etc etc. The NHS is the envy of the world; and rightly so. It is consistently voted the best in the world (these things are slipping and numbers coming down since the Tories have been in power though. During that same period in power, the Welfare State and a National Education System were also formed.

Though the Conservatives have tried their very best to destroy & marketise these, they still stand today, allbeit battered and existing because of the astonishingly hard work put in by our public sector workers, and by the UK public supporting this. So, as you can see, we CAN afford these things and we NEED these things. Let us not succumb to this subtle, and not so subtle, attempt to ruin and trash the very fabric of our culture and society. They must NEVER bt allowed to win. Not now, not ever.

Labour formed the NHS and, under Corbyn & McDonnell, with our support, we will save the NHS. Please stand firm with us and please don’t be on the wrong side of history. This, and future generations, are relying on us staying strong, as a collective. In solidarity with those who value the NHS.


Adam Samuels