Excuse me Mr Farmer

The reality for an increasing number of dairy cattle now that small farms are finding it ever-more difficult to stay in business. 1500+ cows with a short life spent in concrete sheds until they can no longer produce calves or economic quantities of milk. And have you ever wondered what happens to the bull calves?

They certainly didn’t want me there.

I don’t go looking for trouble but will stand my ground when challenged. The conversation went something like this:-

Can you keep to the path please?
I’m on the path. It goes between the farm buildings.
No it doesn’t. It goes across the fields away from the buildings.
According to the map on my phone I’m on the public footpath.
Look at the screen! The little arrow gives our position according to GPS. Right on the public footpath.
It’s been diverted.
Not according to the map on my phone and there aren’t any waymarks to say otherwise.
Your map’s out of date.
No it’s not. It’s an Ordnance Survey map downloaded from the internet. It’s automatically updated. Take it up with them if you don’t want me here and make sure your diversions are clearly marked.
There’s a notice up in the office about it.
I don’t care what it says in your office. I don’t call at farm offices when I’m taking my dog for a walk to see if you’ve moved the path. It’s not my problem.
You’re not allowed to take photos.
Why not? It’s not a state secret is it? Everyone round here knows you’ve got a big dairy farm.
It’s private property.
With a public footpath going through the middle of it.
I don’t want you taking photographs.
You’re too late. I’ve taken one. What have you got to hide?

Andy Hamilton