First photo of UK leaving the EU and heading west across the Atlantic

A stunning image has been released of the UK moored off of the east coast of the United States waiting to dock has been released. The vast majority of the UK population unaware of this geo political manoevre (although the unusually warm weather should have been a bit of a clue) will be asked whether they are prepared to become the 51st State once the paperwork has been completed and the signatories added.

Unfortunately many coastal resorts on the Eastern seaboard do not find the idea of having to learn a whole new set of place names very attractive having mistakenly believed for centuries that the UK was in fact another name for London. It was of course pointed out by a British ‘diplomat’ that many of the place names are in fact older than theirs. 

Anyway if you are flying east and you are not ‘redirected due to storms’ then please circulate any images you may have.

Have a nice day!

Douglas James